My sweet Audrey went to heaven on Thursday June 15th at the age of 9. We entrusted our sweet baby to Bluegrass Crematorium and I can say as heart aching as it is to lose a pet they took excellent care of my fur baby. I had regretted not getting her paw print and figured it was something I would think about and feeling awful about. Today I picked up her ashes today at my vets office and I was so happy to see that in a velvet bag was a clay heart with her paw print in it.(photo in comments) I actually cried seeing this. It's the small things that mean so much. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. The beautiful box that hold her remains is beautiful! These thoughtful touches make this time a little easier to handle. ​​


​​Our family suffered a devastating loss and we entrusted Bluegrass Pet Crematorium with our princess. It was handled professionally and with the utmost care throughout the whole process. They were like family to me when it was completed. Thank you Bluegrass Pet Crematorium for your help during a difficult time. Here is a picture of our beautiful princess, Kenzie.


I'd like to say thank you for taking care of my sweet baby Jovi. Your kindness and passion during this time was comforting. You done an amazing job on everything and I'm so glad I chose you to take care of his final needs. Thank you.


"Maci, my 1st dog, my heart dog. She was a special girl to everyone who met her. Her little personality was so sweet and loving. She was unlike any other dog I had ever met. I had never had to let go of a pet, so this was my first experience of a pet loss. I was really happy to see just how much thought was put into the return of her ashes with the paw print stone, handmade wooden box and documentation when I picked it up from my vets office. I was struggling to figure out how I was going to keep her safe when she was returned. But all that was already done for me and took that worry off my heart. Thank you for the heartfelt and thoughtful process."


"A very big shout out to my dear friends at bluegrass pet crematorium. You all are truly amazing. Rest In Peace my sweet baby girl. Missy Washburn.



"Thank you so much for taking such good care of my beloved Sophie she was one of a kind and is missed beyond measure."

In Memoriam

My best friend/child, Chichan, passed away last week at the age of 15. She was the best birthday present that a second grade girl could ever want. The moment that she curled up to me (top left picture) was the moment that I knew we would be inseparable and we were just that: never apart. Chichan came along with me wherever I went and did whatever I was doing (even if she didn't love what we were doing, she loved me so she did it). My parents had divorced and Chichan was the only consistency that I had in my life- and she filled that role perfectly. She loved me without condition and never failed to give me hope. Read More...


​Thank you for making a very difficult time a little easier for my family. Luna was with us for 14 years and saying goodbye was heartbreaking. Your kindness made a huge difference. The card you sent to my daughter was so touching. And having a ceramic paw print along with Luna's ashes has given us all some comfort and closure.


Dear Pan, I remember the day you were born. The only black kitten out of a sea of whites and greys. I knew there would be one black kitten at least, because I also remember the day your mother was born. I remember, as a small child, finding your long-haired grandpa wandering the street. I may have kidnapped him in my animal-loving ways. Don't judge. I remember sitting in my moms closet with you and your siblings, all abuzz with love and excitement at the new kittens that would be running around in a matter of weeks. But most of all, I remember you. Read More...


​Thank you for incredible kindness and the tender love you gave my girl during a difficult time for me as I waited for the cremation. I am grateful. Rest In Peace my Roxy. -Jane Hale


"When I lost my chinchilla, the Bluegrass Pet Crematorium helped put my little baby to rest forever. The staff and the experience were amazing. I strongly recommend!"


"I want to thank you for handling the cremation of our beloved Michael. It is not a process we have been through before. I was very pleased with the vets, and you guys. Everyone involved was(and is) so very caring and professional at doing this. While he may no longer be with us in the physical form we are so grateful to have him back home with us. The box was beautiful, and we especially loved the ceramic heart with his paw print on it and his name. Thank you so much for everything you do."