​Chichan Smith

My best friend/child, Chichan, passed away last week at the age of 15. She was the best birthday present that a second grade girl could ever want. The moment that she curled up to me (top left picture) was the moment that I knew we would be inseparable and we were just that: never apart. Chichan came along with me wherever I went and did whatever I was doing (even if she didn't love what we were doing, she loved me so she did it). My parents had divorced and Chichan was the only consistency that I had in my life- and she filled that role perfectly. She loved me without condition and never failed to give me hope. Through the darkest days of my life, mainly my teen years, she was the one thing that helped me keep going. Just as any mother would do for her daughter, I would have done anything for her- regardless. She literally grew up alongside me from my 8th birthday (got her a few months before I turned 8) until four months after my 23rd birthday. I cannot remember my life without her: she has filled it with so much joy, peace, laughter, love, and so many other things. 
Sadly, she developed congestive heart failure around 3/4 years ago and had to start taking medication to slow it's progression. Through a couple of health scares over the past year, she had been seemingly pain free and full of life for the past 7 months. Last week she was staying with my mother while I was gone to a family reunion with my fiancé. She had been doing really well when I left and I had no inkling that she would have any health issues while I was gone. However, about 5 days into the reunion, I received a call that Chichan had passed. My life has been different since that day and I doubt that it will ever be quite the same. I love her more than anything and ask for prayers for the days ahead. She had such a wonderful life and I am grateful for that. I could never thank her enough for all of the ways that she loved me and helped me. I will miss you forever, Chichan. A love as strong as ours cannot be broken by the deterioration of our bodies, for I am confident that I will see you again. I wait eagerly for that day, my truest friend.

I am also thankful for the services that this great establishment provided for my beloved dachshund. I cannot say enough how helpful they were during this time of grieving. They were so kind and let me go through the process on my own timing- allowing me to spend as much time with Chichan as I wanted before we started the cremation process. They were such a bright light of comfort during such a dark time and I am so grateful for all that they do.